John D. Erdevig, Attorney. Residential Real Estate

from pre-contract
to closing

Think of a home purchase as likely the largest, most leveraged expense of your life. You want a good home to live in and to get predictable loan pricing and closing costs.

When you buy a home, which professional provides impartial legal insight and zealous consumer protection?

Only your attorney...

... who combines a singular duty of loyalty with the ability to wade through the legal gibberish and sales pressure you face. An attorney inevitably works with a team. Here is John Erdevig’s view as an attorney:

“I will work with your existing team. However, if you hire me early in the process, I will refer you to exclusive buyer’s agents, local lenders and title companies who tend to share my service orientation.”
“I will show you opportunities to lessen risk and cost that other professionals miss, sometimes because they have less of a business interest in giving you a thorough, accurate explanation on certain points. The old adage, ’Buyer Beware!’ is still appropriate.”

Selling or refinancing? John Erdevig can review documents and advise you, and attend local closings. Convenient service model: Most document review and advice can be done by email or telephone, rather than in a series of law office appointments.

Legal plan coverage
for home buying, selling and refinancing

Locally typical and reasonable services covered by many legal plans include prompt document review, and helping clients intelligently decide whether to sign a contract or loan. An attorney helps you to decide whether to remove key contract contingencies (inspection, title work, financing), and whether to accept contract changes and closing figures. John will try to attend your local closing, if you request his presence and scheduling by third parties remains practical.

Review of leases is a frequently offered legal plan benefit. John Erdevig provides limited preventive services, such as pre-leasing tenant-side counseling, or risk-management for reluctant landlords (e.g. if you cannot sell your recently-vacated home, or are going on sabbatical, so that you must rent out your home).

Most escalating conflict situations will be referred to litigators and mediation services.

Business matters are generally not covered by employment-based prepaid legal plans. Check with your plan administrator for more information.